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Lanificio F.lli Balli - research and excellence
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Vertical Production cycle

Synergy between tradition and innovation, research and excellence, quality and customer care: this is the philosophy that since 1948 the Lanificio Fratelli Balli s.p.a., also through the Rafanelli line, wants to communicate with its products.

Thanks to our entirely vertical production cycle, we can guarantee a high level of control over our production processes, and give an excellent quality standard to our products such as plain and patterned fabrics, jacquard, knit and special finishes.
The continuous cycle production, efficiently spread over the over 25,000 square meters of the historic Fabbricone di Prato, is constantly at the cutting edge both in terms of technology and in compliance with textile regulations.
In addition to what we do, every day we put our attention to how we do it: this is why we are undertaking a process of control and certification of our products both in terms of quality and environmental sustainability.

Lanificio F.lli Balli - research and excellence

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