RCS Certification
rcs certification

More than 70% of production from Recycled Fabrics

Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals within the production processes is strongly requested by the market and it’s a vital chance for improvement.

Since 1948 Lanificio F.lli Balli has been recycling fabrics in a modern concept of circular economy. Today we obtain more than 70% of fabrics' production from recycled fibers in a environmental friendly vertical process, however we are introducing new sustainability certification like 4Sustainability Protocol and RCS.

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RWS Certification
RWS Certification

Animal Welfare

Lanificio F.lli Balli has achieved the RWS certification that addresses the welfare of sheeps and the land they graze on.
Our wool can now satisfy all requirements concerning animals welfare and reduce environmental impact. The RWS has created a solid standard that recognizes the best practices in animal welfare and land management that farmers are implementing.

A better CO2 footprint and environment impact

Lanificio F.lli Balli ensures a real Vertical Process in a "from start to finish" scheme.
This process, reducing transport needs, allow us to improve the CO2 footprint of our production with a large benefit for traceability and environment. In a nutshell all we need is in our factory.

3,15 t

of CO2 saved in a year

2,4 t

of CO saved in a year

1,1 t

of pm10 saved in a year


Chemical Management: 4Sustainability Protocol

Lanificio f.lli Balli is an excellence for textile recycling and applies the 4sustainability Chemical Management Protocol for eliminating toxic and harmful substances in production through the ZDHC MRSL.
The distinctive characteristic of the 4sustainability Protocol is the definition of a management method aimed to achieve traceable and measurable results. The 4sustainability Protocol for Chemical Management is conceived for the supply chain's players and it is in line with main brands requirements.