RCS Certification
rcs certification

More than 70% of our products comes from recycled materials

Since 1948 BALLI has been focusing on recycling both old garments and production wastes in order to embrace a modern concept of environmental and economic sustainability. RCS certification (Recycled Claim Standard) guarantees the presence and the quantity of recycled fibers in a finished product through a specific audit ran by a third part entity. Today we produce more than 70% of fabrics coming from pre and post consumer recycled fibers through an internal and vertical process based on sustainability, traceability and transparency.

In 2022 we started the process for obtaining GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) who guarantees higher standards and needs a deeper and more specific evaluation of our company in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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RWS Certification
RWS Certification

Animal Welfare

Lanificio F.lli Balli has achieved the RWS certification that addresses the welfare of sheeps and the land they graze on.
Our wool can now satisfy all requirements concerning animals welfare and reduce environmental impact. The RWS has created a solid standard that recognizes the best practices in animal welfare and land management that farmers are implementing.



BALLI complies to 4sustainability protocol, a multidimensional system of implementation, rating and reporting studied to measure and communicate the level of maturity reached in terms of sustainability (CHEM and MATERIALS protocols) and a unique system of certification of compliance to major international standards and guidelines as ZDHC.

  • CHEM: in order to achieve the elimination of toxic and hazardous substances we constantly apply a deep control on all the aspects of the company life: from raw materials to several production processes, from water waste management untill final products reach the stores. All these key features can be efficiently managed through the creation of a solid chemical management system.
  • MATERIALS: Consumers interest on sustainable products gets everyday higher. In order to follow this trend and to satisfy consumers expectations, it is vital to use all the tools and the knowledge we have at disposal on fibers we intend to use, replacing traditional raw materials with more sustainable alternatives, adopt a production process traceability and obtain official certifications on finished products.